This is an advertisement page. Here, you can view all of the new events or products in Greenville, OH!

Newsflash LemonadeEdit

Newsflash Lemonade is coming next summer! See you then!

Mustache Inc.Edit

Have you always wanted to wear a fake mustache to school? Well now you can! From prices at 25 cents to $1.00, you can buy a mustache from South Middle School, via Mustache Inc.! Stop by when you can, or make your own mustache!            

Signs Inc.Edit

Have your own custom-made sign at South Middle School right now on sale for 25 cents!

Food WarsEdit

A series of comics that soon will be in the Newsflash Express!

Pumpkins For SaleEdit

Get pumpkins for $4.00 or less. Consult with Caleb C. for details and an address.