The Newsflash Express came to be when middle-school kid and Editor-in-Cheif Ryan (last name excluded) saw that one of his family laptops had Microsoft Office on it. He decided he could use the program to create the newspaper he had been wanting to make since the school year began.

The First Issue and HelpersEdit

After a few days work, Ryan had finally printed the first issue of the Newsflash Express and brought it to school the next day. Most of his friends saw it, and they offered to do different things to help with it. And that's how the staff began. Reporters turned in articles of events and stories for Ryan to type into the newspaper. Editors made suggestions for future editions. Cartoonists turned in jokes and comics. There were even photographers who used their cameras to take photos that went along with most articles. There were even kids who offered to be website managers and they made this very website! All of this and more put into the newspaper, just by a bunch of middle-school kids!

Still for HireEdit

Remember, if you are someone who would like to be involved with the Newsflash Express, contact on Facebook or post to our talk page.