Things That Might be Fun for YouEdit

Hello! The Newsflash Express staff has some suggestions that might be interesting for you and your family to start doing this summer.

1. Everyone's favorite - the pool! You can find lots of fun water games online or in summer books. You can play with your family, friends, or some even solo!

2. Water balloons! You can have an epic battle where 2 even teams of 1 or more get the same number (or at least around the same number) of filled water balloons. On "go," try and get as many balloons as you can to hit players on the other team ( try not to hit the smaller players in the face ) After both teams run out of balloons, see who's the wetter team (if you're still wearing your shirt and shorts, it will be easy)! That team will have lost. The other team wins!

3. Head for a friend's house! Call up a best friend of yours and see if you can make an arrangement. If they're not busy, you can go to their house or they could come to yours. You could even meet up somewhere else like the park or the city pool! From there, it's up to you guys to decide what you want to do!

4. Go camping! Gather up some ingredients to make classic s'mores, pick a campground (or even your own backyard), and bring your tent or RV! If possible, it's even better to bring some family and/or friends along, too! At night, start a campfire to make those s'mores, or just to sit around and talk (you could also dream up some cool campfire stories, too!). The beach or other vacation spots are great, too! Just be sure to bring the right stuff, and with whatever is available, use it to satisfy your craving for fun and a good time!

5. If wanted, take the chance to sleep in! Kids, school is over in the summer, so now is your chance to finally not have to wake up in such early hours!